Adara has been selling drugs, she has been under investigation for quite some time. She was lounging around in here bra and panties when the detective busts in, telling Adara she is under arrest for drug trafficking. He zipcuffs her hands behind her back with white plastic handcuffs, searches her, and instructs her to wait while they finish searching the residence for evidence. She paces around in her bra and panties as she waits. When the detective comes back she asks if she can put some clothes on before going down to the county jail. The detective escorts Adara to her room, she puts on some clothes, The detective needs to check on sometime before they go. She waits cuffed, pacing around the room. He come backs and escorts he out. The arrive at the county where she is put in a holding cell. She continues to wait cuffed tightly by the white plastic cuffs, she begins to lose her patience and complain. After the detective has had enough of hearing Adara's mouth he escorts her out to solitary!

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