How do I find 'my library' and watch/download clips?

You can find your videos by click on your 'username' on the top right of the site and it will pull down a menu. Select 'My Library' and that will take you to all your videos. You can then stream your videos to any device. You can also download them by 'right-clicking' on the download button and saving the file to your computer.

What is OneBondagePlace.com and why is it different than other sites?

-OBP is a clip store where you can buy bondage clips from various top producers in the industry all in the same place. We only sell bondage so you won't find the site cluttered with clips you don't want to see. The goal of OBP is to provide a simple platform that is modern and allows to watch clips when and how you want. When you make an account and become part of OBP you'll be able to build your own "bondage library in the clouds"! (think amazon or netflix). When you purchase a clip you will always have access to the clip in your clip library. You can stream the clip anytime you want and/or download it when you want. There are no time limits or restrictions. You can buy a clip at home on your desktop and download it to watch anytime, but then you can also watch that same clip somewhere else on your phone anytime you want.

Will videos stream to my phone?

-Yes, all videos are H.264 encoded with a .mp4 extension which is currently the industry standard for streaming. Videos will stream to iphones/pads, android devices, as well as mac/pc computers. Streaming will work best with wi-fi, but will play over network service as well.

Why am I not able to login?

It maybe as simple as you forgot your password, but if you were bad and shared your password with a friend so they could watch your videos our bondage security guards probably locked your account. You can write us to unlock your account, but if you do this too many times you will be given time to download your purchased content and then your account will be deleted.